How To Apply For A Grant

Dan Lamoreux from the Lanark Area Community Foundation explains the simple process of applying for a grant from the LACF. The Lanark Area Community Foundation is here to help local (Lanark, Shannon, and Lake Carroll area) nonprofit groups, churches, and local governmental organizations achieve their goals by assisting with funding. The goal of the LanarkContinue reading “How To Apply For A Grant”

Tax Benefits for 2021 Foundation Donations

I’m Shelly Dambman from the Lanark Area Community Foundation. This Blog article will explain charitable contributions and how to get an extra deduction on your tax return. The 2020 CARES Act allowed a $300.00 cash contribution deduction for people that do not itemize on their tax return. In 2021 the CARES act has been extendedContinue reading “Tax Benefits for 2021 Foundation Donations”