How To Apply For A Grant

Dan Lamoreux from the Lanark Area Community Foundation explains the simple process of applying for a grant from the LACF. The Lanark Area Community Foundation is here to help local (Lanark, Shannon, and Lake Carroll area) nonprofit groups, churches, and local governmental organizations achieve their goals by assisting with funding.

The goal of the Lanark Area Community Foundation is to assist with projects that help a broad number of local citizens, bring new and exciting opportunities to the Lanark area, or assist local volunteers in enabling them financially.

You can learn more about applying for a grant by following this link. Or simply click here to download a form:

Once on the applying for a gift site simply download the form and complete it. If you need assistance feel free to reach out to any one of the LACF ambassadors. Completed forms can by emailed to or mail to Dan Lamoreux, 7176 Center Drive, Lanark, IL 6104

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