Lanark Area Community Foundation Funds

A wide range of worthy causes

LACF Community Impact Endowment

Assist individuals and area nonprofit organizations by providing the means for permanent charitable giving, resources and grants for charitable projects and programs that contribute to the quality of life in the Lanark Area.

Cornerstone Project Fund

The Cornerstone Project, NFP is a group of about 12 volunteers in Lanark who are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our historic downtown. 

Roberts Family Endowment

Created by Floyd and Marsha Roberts as a way to permanently support the internal operations of the LACF. This ensures that 100% of all other donations made to LACF are used to better our community.

LACF Operating Fund

General donations with unspecified purposes are placed into this fund. This is also the fund that LACF Ambassadors make their personal donations annually. This fund allows the LACF Ambassadors to always be prepared to quickly fund and support new and exciting projects. The possibilities are endless and this fund is intended to be the spark to light new fires.

Eastland Education Foundation

Assist the Eastland School District in providing scholarship opportunities to Seniors attending Eastland high School

John & Yvonne Nelson Family Endowment for Special Education Preschool

Used to help fund special education preschool for the Eastland Community School District.

TsmJ Colorectal Cancer Endowment

Supply funds to provide financial assistance for colon and/or rectal cancer discovery screening to local residents primarily under the age of 50.

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